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Gin and Tonic

A client cleaned his stainless steel tank with caustic solution (Sodium Hydroxide) and then couldn’t remember if he had neutralised the caustic with citric acid. Gin was then added to the tank and the distiller was worried that the gin could be affected by the caustic. The distiller wanted us to test to find out whether there was a level of sodium hydroxide that would not be suitable for human consumption.

We tested for sodium levels and pH in a sample of gin from that tank and then compared it with a sample of a similar batch of his gin from another tank. We found that the sodium levels and pH values for both samples were very similar.

Due to there being no significant difference between the two gin samples when analysing the sodium levels and pH, it was recommended that the distiller shouldn’t worry that there was a problematic sodium hydroxide level in the gin.

So a relaxing G&T was had by all that evening.