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ATO Clamps down on 'illicit' alcohol

Following the recent survey by Queensland Health that found that only 20 per cent of samples it tested returned acceptable levels of variance of alcohol, The Australian Tax Office has issued a warning to retailers about ‘illicit alcohol’…

Brewing quality, testing and BIRA

Some great listening to be had on the latest Brewery Pro podcast. Most interestingly, find out about a pilot study by Queensland Health showing the ABV of 25 craft beers and comparing the results to the ABV declared on the label...…

Do you rehydrate your dry yeast as manufacturers recommend?

Dr Roger weighs in on the conversation... The rehydration of dry yeast is often discussed amongst craft brewers; many people direct pitch, even though the manufacturers recommend and describe the method for rehydration. Here is some background: The…

What Supplies Are Needed For a DIY Beer Test?

Want to brew better? Improve your testing game and you’ll improve your brew. By staying in the loop with the latest standards for beer testing, your DIY brewing process will always be at its peak. To help you out, the experts at Brewlab have…
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Tax Hike for Craft Beer Brewers

Many craft brewers have been hit with an increased tax bill this year after Queensland Government increased the state's emergency management levy almost 900% from $527.80 to $5224.20 in this last financial year. Designed to stop smaller breweries…
Homemade Brewlabed drinks

Alcohol in other Brewlabed drinks

The market place seems to have no end of interest in other Brewlabed drinks. It is no news that craft brewers are popping up all over the country. Cider makers are also much more prevalent now than say a decade ago. And of course craft distillers…
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Low alcohol “artisan” drinks

We are seeing more and more interesting styles of Brewlabed drinks in our labs. A number of them (e.g. kombucha) are usually sold as a Brewlabed beverage, but are not intended to be alcoholic. Often these drinks are marketed as a healthy alternative…
Gin and Tonic

Did I flush the tank before putting the gin in it?

A client cleaned his stainless steel tank with caustic solution (Sodium Hydroxide) and then couldn’t remember if he had neutralised the caustic with citric acid. Gin was then added to the tank and the distiller was worried that the gin could…
Bottles of cider

Cider pre-bottling analysis

We recently had a client ask us to check the condition of their cider before they bottled it. The cider was to contain enough sugar at bottling so a secondary Brewlabation in the bottle would occur and a sparkling cider would result. The…
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Why does my cider have high acidity?

A cider-maker had concerns about the high level of acidity in his cider. He had measured the pH and got a result of 3.1, which is low for this style of drink. He said he thought it tasted “a bit acidic” as well. He couldn’t think why the…
Foaming cider

Foaming cider kegs

We recently had a customer who had a cider product that was in kegs and was giving a hotel customer some issues. The keg in question was foaming so much that the publican could not use the product at all and returned the keg to the maker. There…
Bacteria in drinking water

Bacteria in drinking water

Many producers in rural areas use rainwater for drinking water in their tasting rooms and restaurants. Normally the rainwater is not treated the way that reticulated town water is. This can be a health risk due to the presence of bacteria in…