Brewlab has Landed in Tasmania

Brewlab has Landed in Tasmania

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Tasmania is currently experiencing a major boom in demand for its locally produced wine, in fact, one of the largest jumps in demand this beautiful island state has ever had – and Brewlab is excited to be joining in on the action.

Thanks to this surge in demand for Tassie wine, more and more luscious grapes have been planted every season over the past few years as well as the addition of brand new wineries in Hobart.

Producing wine at these new facilities means that the grapes will not have to be shipped to the mainland before processing, benefiting both craft and in turn the quality of the wine.

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Brewlab is happy to announce that we have now leased a brand new testing laboratory within the new Dr. Island Winery.

*Brewlab is NOT in partnership with Dr. Island Winery. We are subleasing our beautiful new laboratory space.

Our team of beverage scientists are ready to offer the Tasmanian wine industry our complete range of chemical and microbiological wine testing as well as our quality winemaking supplies/laboratory equipment.

Contact us today to find out how Brewlab can help you produce better wine, beer and spirits!