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Want to brew better? Improve your testing game and you’ll improve your brew. By staying in the loop with the latest standards for beer testing, your DIY brewing process will always be at its peak. To help you out, the experts at Brewlab have put together a quick guide outlining some of the most important basic supplies and equipment needed for quality DIY beer testing:


Hydrometers have been used to test a liquid’s density for centuries. A hydrometer is still extremely useful when it comes to DIY beer brewing. The hydrometer helps identify the level of dissolved sugar (the gravity) within the wort and measures how well the yeast is turning the sugar into alcohol in the Brewlab. By investing in a good quality hydrometer you will streamline your testing process and ensure an extremely high level of accuracy is achieved. The Brewlab team stocks an extensive range of hydrometers in a variety of capacity sizes.


Ensure your brewing and testing process is accurate and efficient by investing in some good quality glassware. Your testing bench should be well equipped with a variety of glassware in a range of different sizes. Key glass items for testing include beakers in a range of sizes—25mL, 100mL and 1000mL are popular for most testing requirements. Other core glassware items include good quality flasks and measuring cylinders in a variety of sizes. Making sure your glassware is thermal resistant can also be very important when preparing for a safe DIY beer testing setup.


A good quality thermometer is an extremely worthwhile investment to add to your DIY beer testing setup. As well as glass thermometers there are a range of digital thermometers on the market that are specifically designed for beer testing—providing you with accurate results and thermal resistance so you don’t have to worry about unwanted breakages. If you do use a glass thermometer it’s strongly recommended you don’t use a mercury type. Break one of those and you can get very toxic mercury flowing right through the brewery. The team at Brewlab stock a selection of thermometers for beer testing including the ChecktempC digital thermometer. This thermometer is a popular choice because of its fixed stainless steel probe, -50.0 to 150.0ºC range and +/- 0.3ºC accuracy.

Lab Reagents 

Amongst other chemicals pH buffers are another highly essential supply to have readily available within your beer testing equipment area. By using your pH meter you can check pH – this plays a crucial role throughout the Brewlabation and testing process. You can maintain a suitable pH level by doing this test and help avoid some unwanted nasty microbes. Depending on your brewing needs and testing process, it could be a good idea to have a variety of pH buffer quantities at the ready to be able to calibrate your pH meter. At Brewlab, we stock a range of pH buffer options including pH 7 in either 1L or 500mL, pH 6.88 in 1L or 500mL and pH 4 in 1L or 500 mL. We also have a wide range of other lab reagents that we have been supplying to breweries.

Update Your Lab Supplies Cupboard Today

By investing in high-quality testing supplies, you’ll also invest in high-quality results. At Brewlab, we’ve made the testing process a lot easier for you by providing a range of beer testing products and equipment. We also stock test kits for specific uses, including our range of Beer Testing Kits for use with a spectrophotometer.

For all your beer testing needs, browse our full range on the online store or get in contact with our expert team today for any other enquiries.

And of course if you some tests done on your beer by us we offer a full range of tests through our four labs across the country!